How to Conclude an Essay

Ways to Conclude an Essay

After writing a good essay, you cannot choose to spoil the end with a wrong conclusion. It is imperative to write a conclusion that is in line with the introduction.

The mistake that good essay writers make is assuming that the conclusion does not matter as long as they wrote an epic introduction and body. Surprisingly, the conclusion is equally as crucial as essay writing service the introduction and the body section of an essay. If you are always struggling with putting your best foot forward towards the end of your article, this is the piece you need to read. The reason is that it avails you with the significant points to factor in to make a reasonable conclusion as below:

Know Your Main Ideas

While writing an essay, some key points are tackled throughout the article. Consider the case of an essay about the effects of alcohol abuse. If this was a two-page essay, the points in this essay could be a maximum of three, including organ damage, development of another disease, and death. During the conclusion section, these points should be at the palm of your hands. Failure to this, you will have a hard time factoring in the next primary aspect of a reasonable essay conclusion.

H2: Summarize Your Main Ideas

After recalling your main ideas, the next thing to do is to have them summarized. A conclusion needs always to be brief. Its estimated word count is usually 100 words. Therefore, you do not want anything lengthy in this part. This is why you need to summarize the points of your essay. Concerning the same example, a common factor that one can establish is that alcohol is not a good drink for consumption as it interferes with human health and life. Therefore, this can become a summarized context. A little more can become added but not as much because these ideas are already tackled at length in the body section. Do Not Introduce New Ideas

From the previous points, it is correct to add a few thoughts after the summarized context. Adding ideas does not mean that you need to introduce a new concept. The ideas that you need to add should be strictly within what was tackled about throughout the essay. Introduction of new ideas, in conclusion, is the first way of earning yourself a lower grade in this section. As a result, it is good to stick to what the article talked about and add ideas based on these contexts. Recommendations, in conclusion, should be provided if the instructions say so. Conclusion

The conclusion section of an essay has a set of marks. Unfortunately, these marks, although little can be the reason you do not get that A grade. Due to the need of acquiring the best grade, it is integral to make the ending as excellent as the introduction and the body section. Luckily, this is easy to achieve because you only need to keep the three points explained above in mind.