Make a Good Overview of Your Dissertation in the Dissertation Abstracts Dissertation

Abstracts Inform Readers about the Dissertation Goals and Content

At the universities, students usually write dissertations. It is very important to know how to write dissertation that is why you should learn the structure of the dissertation. If you hold to dissertation structure and research paper format then you might have good dissertation. And if you want to make your dissertation more appealing then you may include to the main constituents of your dissertation – dissertation abstracts. Dissertation abstracts are optional parts of the dissertation.

The main parts of the dissertation are the introduction, the main body with three or more paragraphs and sub-paragraphs and the conclusions. You should also write the cover page of your dissertation. Here you should write the title of the dissertation, your name and name of your instructor. Then you should write the Table of Contents. Remember that you should not include the dissertation cover page into the Table of Contents. After the Table of Contents go the dissertation abstracts.

Like the cover page dissertation abstract starts with the title of the dissertation. Then you should write your full name (that means your first name and surname). Point out the Chairs name. If there are co-chairs then list them also. Some students point out chairs title. However, mostly it is not required. That is why do not write the word “professor” before your chairs name. Then you should write the text of abstract. Remember that in the abstract, your task is to give brief information about your dissertation argument, so the reader can previously be acquainted with your dissertation. Take into consideration that the dissertation abstract should not be lengthy. It should be no more then 250-300 words.

So what should be in the text of the abstract? First of all, write about the field of study to which your dissertation belongs. It may be Biological and Environmental Sciences, Economics, Health Sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy, Foreign Literature, Cognitive Linguistics etc. First two sentences of your dissertation abstract should be devoted to the main object of investigation. Then write about methodological approaches, explain what methods you use for your research paper writing . Then dwell on the main topic of your dissertation. Explain why you have chosen this topic. Tell if it is important to the science field and if it contributes to the science. In the abstract, you should give a brief overview of your dissertation. Do not use citations in the abstract.

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